Based on an overwhelming amount of educational research, one-on-one, student to tutor instruction is highly successful in improving a student's academic standing. USLP goes a step farther; we provide one-on-one instruction in an environment highly conducive to learning - the comfort and security of your own home, local library, USLP centers, etc away from the usual classroom distractions. It is this combination of individualized attention and secure learning environment that will enable your child to quickly get back on the academic track and reach his or her full potential.


USLP Experience
USLP first opened its doors in Los Angeles, CA in 2006. Today, USLP is one on the best one-on-one and small group tutoring companies in the world.


USLP Locations
USLP is located in various areas please contact us to see if we are in your city.


USLP Tutors
Our staff will engage, empower and motivate students towards grade level proficiency. USLP tutors are state certified teachers, degreed professionals and paraprofessional and college students (with at least 60 units) with a passion for teaching. A vast majority of our tutors teach or have taught in public or private schools. Students are assigned the same tutor throughout the duration of USLP tutoring. Instruction is truly individualized - one-on-one, or in a small group setting (1 tutor to 5 students). Immediately following each session, USLP tutors meet with parents to review their child's progress.


USLP Curriculum

USLP uses learning materials, perform skills assessment tests and USLP developed curriculum to isolate your child's problem areas, and keep you updated on your child's progress. USLP understands that every child has a unique learning style, individual strengths and areas to improve. For this reason, USLP adequately and accurately evaluates your child to assess their individual learning style and current skill level.


USLP Convenience
USLP schedules tutoring at times convenient to parents - morning, afternoon, evening, weekends and summers - in the convenience of your own home, local library or an USLP center.


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