Job Title: Tutor (Grades K-12 : Math and English Language Arts)


Job Summary

Ultimate Success Learning (USL) is a SES provider that provides free tutoring under the federal No Child Left Behind program to student who receive free/reduced lunch AND attends a school that is in Program Improvement Status Year 2 and Beyond. USL offers highly effective one-on-one and small group tutorial instruction in Language Arts and Mathematics in the convenience of student's home, library, center or school which focuses on academic improvement and building confidence.


Tutors, under the supervision of the Program Manager, will assess assigned student, develop customize learning plans, and deliver one-on-one and/or small group tutoring sessions to students. By providing individual instruction, tutors will also help students develop healthy study skills and provide positive reinforcement that is crucial in building positive self-confidence and enabling student to become self-empowered. Tutors must be available September 1, 2011-June 30, 2012.


Representative Duties (this is just a sample)

(Incumbents may perform any combination of the essential functions shown below. The position description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the duties, knowledge, or abilities associated with this classification, but it is intended to accurately reflect the principal job elements.):


  1. Help student/s develop positive attitudes toward learning through the use of interactive and hand-on approach to teaching, such as games and experimentation.
  2. Conduct lessons that cultivate students to be critical thinkers and provide learning atmosphere that stimulates student creativity.
  3. Administer Pre and Post assessments to students, and decipher student's need from it.
  4. Develop an individualized student learning plan for each student that is aligned with the California State Content Standard and addresses student's unique needs.
  5. Help students reach proficient basic math and literacy skills through implementing the prescribed curriculum lessons as well as using supplementary materials and resources.
  6. Help students develop healthy study skills by teaching students realize their cognitive preferences and study habits.
  7. Provide encouraging adult interaction and positive reinforcement in order to promote and develop healthy self-esteem and confidence necessary to reach academic goals.
  8. Keep meticulous attendance and activity record in student folder.
  9. Must be able to follow strict procedures and adhere to guidelines.
  10. Maintain good communication with student, parents, and program manager.


Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Tutoring best practices, teaching techniques, academic assessments, Basic Child Development Concepts, Child Abuse Reporting requirements, CPR/First Aid, Community resources.


Ability to: Maintain confidentiality of student's personal information, Model a professional code of ethics to all students and school staff, keep student focus and interested on task, be patient with students, Keep detailed and precise documentation, Work effectively with people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, provide objective student progress reports, communicate and work well with students parents, communicate with program manager, computer literate.



  • Education: AA, BA, MA, college degree, credentialed teachers, CLAD, college student with 60+ core units
  • Experience: Any past tutoring experience a plus.
  • Languages: Bilingual in English/Spanish a plus
  • Licenses and Other Requirements: Possess a valid California driver's license and responsible driving record.
  • Hours of Employment: 6–12 hours/week, afternoons and weekends (Short-term/temporary, dates of service anticipated to be 09/1/11 through 6/30/12.)
  • Salary: The pay rate is $13.00-$20.00 an hour and depends on education level and experience.
  • Physical Abilities: Physical, mental and emotional stamina to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position under sometimes stressful conditions; Manual dexterity sufficient to write, use telephone, business machines, operate an automobile; Vision sufficient to read printed materials; Hearing sufficient to conduct in person and telephone conversations; Speaking ability in an understandable voice with sufficient volume to be heard in normal conversational distance, on the telephone, and in addressing groups; Physical agility to push/pull, squat, twist, turn, bend, stoop, and to reach overhead; Physical mobility sufficient to move about the work environment (office, District, from school or home site to site), to drive a an automobile; Physical strength sufficient to lift forty-five (45) pounds; Physical stamina sufficient to sit in a child's chair, squat at children's eye level, and to sand or walk for prolonged periods of time; Physical, mental, and emotional tolerance to be exposed to the noise generated by children in an enclosed environment; Mental acuity to collect and interpret data, evaluate, reason, define problems, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, make valid judgments and decisions.



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